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Fall 2020

January 2021. Ari Sulpizio (’21), Callie Crawford (’22) and Rebecca Koweek (’22) published a review on type II polyketide synthase acyl carrier proteins in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Summer 2020

August 2020. Our NIH R15 grant ‘functional hybrid natural product syntheses by tracking acyl carrier protein conformational dynamics’ was funded! Thank you for believing in us, NIH!

Spring 2020

May 2020. Josh Klein (’20) and Yang Wu (’19) published their work on heterologous expression and characterization of a novel type II polyketide synthase in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry.

Fall 2019

November 2019. Grayson Hamrick (’21) won the Outstanding Presentation in Chemical Biology award for his oral presentation at the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium at Rice University!

October 2019. Kofi Acheampong (’19) published his work on a novel colorimetric assay in Scientific Reports!

Spring 2019

May 2019. Sam Esptein (’19) and Emily Winesett (’16) published their work in Nature Communications!! Congratulations!

May 2019. Hard works pays off. The Charkoudian Lab receives tenure!

May 2019. Kofi Acheampong (’19) won a best poster prize at the 2019 Fronteirs at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology Symposium! Congrats, Kofi!

January 2019. We are super excited to share our symbiotic outreach project to the community in our lastest paper in PLoS Biology! Thanks to Steph Terrell (’18), Lindsey Lopes (’16), Sarah Waldis and Kristin Lindgren for the great ideas and hard work. 

Fall 2018

September 2018. Our paper was accepted to AIChE Journal! This effort was led by Marco Rivas (’18), Valentine Courouble (’17) and the 2016 Biochemistry Superlab course. Great job, team!

Spring 2018

April 2018. Sam Epstein (’19) was awarded a Goldwater Scholarship! Also, Sam’s paper with Marnix Medema was accepted to Standards in Genomic Science! Congratulations, Sam! We are so proud! Congrats to Marco, Josh, Yang, Vaso, Sam and Steph for presenting at the 2018 Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego! Great job!

February 2018. Lou was one of 24 early career scientists named a 2018 Cottrell Scholar! Thank you for believing in us, Research Corporation for Science Advancement!

January 2018Our paper on collaborating with undergraduates to contribute to biochemistry community resources was accepted to Biochemistry as part of The Future of Biochemistry special issue. 

Fall 2017

October 2017: Our paper from the 2015 Biochemistry Superlab course was accepted to PLoS Biology! Congratulations, team!! What a fantastic outcome of the first ever Biochemistry Superlab course at Haverford!

Summer 2017

July: Our paper was accepted to RSC Advances! Congratulations to Aurelio, Niki, and Josh. This work was done in collaboration with fellow Haverford Chemistry Professor Karin Akerfeldt and Max Cryle (Monash University).

Spring 2017

May: Our paper was accepted to Biochemistry! Congratulations to Connie, Katie, and Grace!! 

April: Our seniors are going to graduate school! Congratulations to Aurelio (Harvard!), Grace (Duke!) and Valentine (Scripps!). The future of science is bright with you guys in charge.

January: We published a paper in J. Chem. Ed. about our experience in using mechanistic crosslinking in Superlab! This work was done in collaboration with the Burkart Lab at UCSD and Beld Lab at Drexel. Good work, team!

Fall 2016

December: Our lab’s NSF CAREER Award was funded! Hooray! And many thanks to 2016 Biochemistry Superlab students for their help in acquiring and analyzing some of the preliminary data used in this grant!

Summer 2016

August: Thanks for the great summer, Charkoudian Lab!

July: Congratulations to Aurelio Mollo (’17) on his recent paper in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.! The work was conducted in collaboration with the Cryle Lab (Monash University).

June: Our commentary in Nature Chemical Biology“Designing convergent chemical curricula” was published! We hope to inspire others to contribute to our online repository of innovative chemistry curricula:

Our lab was awarded an AREA grant from the NIH! And baby Mabel joined the reseach team. What a great month!

Spring 2016

February: The “Fungal Challenge” manuscript was accepted to Fungal Genetics and Biology! Congratulations to all members of Spring 2015 CHEM 357 (19 Haverford and Bryn Mawr undergraduate co-authors!)

January: Congratulations to Niki von Krusenstiern (’15) and Emily Winesett (’16) who worked with the Fairman Lab (Haverford Biology) and Cryle Lab (Monash University) to investigate how peptidyl carrier proteins recognize P450 oxygenases! Our findings were published in Analytical Biochemistry!

Fall 2015

Sept 2015: Erin Berlew’s (’15) paper with “Team West Coast” was published in PNAS! Congratulations, Erin!!

Congratulations to Emily, Grace, Katie, Aurelio, and Josh on giving fantastic presentations at the annual KINSC symposium!

Summer 2015

July 2015: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Charkoudian Lab!

May 2015: Erin, Niki, and Connie graduate!! Congratulations! Welcome to Grace and Aurelio, the newest members of the Charkoudian Lab! Emily presents her work at the 2015 Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium. Congratulations to Emily on receiving a KINSC summer scholarship and Katie on receiving a BA Rudolph Foundation STEM Scholarship.

Spring 2015

February 2015: Connie presents her research at the 2015 Biophysical Society meeting and Lou receives a 2015 Cottrell College Science Award!

Fall 2014

September 2014: Welcome to the newest members of the Charkoudian Lab, Noah Bloch, Josh Bulos, and Michael Jordan!

Summer 2014

August 2014: Matt’s work on probing the phosphopantetheine arm of acyl carrier proteins was published in JACS and highlighted in C&EN News! Congratulations, Matt!!

June 2014: Connie returns from Sweden. Her spring 2014 semester was spent at Lund University, researching under the guidance of Sara Linse, Karin Åkerfeldt and other protein chemistry specialists. Connie will continue protein research with her return to the states by following up Matt Johnson’s exciting studies on acyl carrier proteins.

May 2014: The Charkoudian lab welcomes their newest member, Emily Winesett. As a junior chemistry major, Emily will be continuing and expanding on Alec De Vivo’s work from the previous year.

Fall 2014

Chemistry Professor Lou Charkoudian ’03 Publishes Groundbreaking Study